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RUBBER Dilemma

by David West
Ejection Rubber Dilemma by Dave
The History of MRP
The History of Monroe Rubber and Plastic

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Monroe Rubber & Plastic, Inc. is the leader in developing and manufacturing specialty ejection rubber for your dies. If you are involved in Rotary or Flat; Carton or Gasket; Corrugated or Label; Monroe has the right material for your application.

Rubbering a die is, in many cases, taken for granted and considered to not make much of an impact on the speed, quality and profit of a diecutting job. This could not be further from the truth! The selection and placement of rubber on a die can be the difference between a 15 minute makeready and a 3 hour makeready; of running your diecutter at full speed or half speed; of having a die ready to put on press in minutes or hours.

Our passion is to help you produce more profits per diecutting job. With over 35 years of supplying rubber to this industry we have become experts in our field. Can we help you make your dies better?